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What's up with my hair? was a question posed by Mary to her husband frequently during summer 2007.


After almost two years of suffering from both Alopecia Areata and Diffuse Hair Loss, Mary Corrigan was told by her Doctor and Dermatologist that they could assist no further with finding the cause of her hair loss.  At this stage Mary had suffered 90% hair loss which was having a devastating effect on her life.


However, she was determined to beat it...


After months of research and examining her own medical history, Mary concluded that the combined effect of her diet, lifestyle and previous prescriptive medication were the root cause of both forms of hair loss.


She went on to prove her theory by devising a diet that enabled her to re-grow her hair within two months and to date, has not suffered any relapses.


“Without this diet and information I was given by Mary I do not think I would have had hair growth so quickly, I would strongly recommend it and am very grateful to Mary for taking the time out of her own life to help me even though she has never met me.” Gemma


Gemma was the first person who approached Mary with a plea for assistance as she was suffering from Alopecia Areata, following the birth of her child.


Since Gemma, Mary has helped various people world-wide through their hair loss journey.  However, Mary believed she needed to hone her skills to best serve the people seeking her out for advice and in July 2012 she completed a BTEC Diploma in Counselling Skills, to better equip her with helping sufferers through the emotional aspect of their condition.


In 2013 Mary was invited to become a Trustee on the board of Autoimmune Alopecia UK; the first British charity solely devoted to raising funds to advance research in this much needed field of medical research.

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About Mary