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I received this book a few days ago and I am delighted to have received a signed copy. I started to read the book right away! I can't wait to try the recipes. I will definitely incorporate Mary's suggestions into my healthcare regime to combat my hair thinning.

Thank you Mary for a great book and also sharing your recipes.

Ginger, Toronto, Canada


Excellent book. Very well written, easy to learn full of important information and recipes. It arrived very quickly, before i expected it. would recommend to anyone that has some hair problem.

Rita Coelho, UK


to anyone with hair problems this is the book,although it is based on theb writers own experience one can use some of the points in the book.

E. Forbes-Stobbe, UK


I keep looking at the photos at the back of your book to inspire me to keep plodding on with all the supplements that I take, I am using your recipes as well which are fantastic and they have certainly made me evaluate what I am eating and when.

Your advice on You Tube, on your website and in your book has been outstanding. I believe that I have come a lot further a lot quicker since contacting you and reading your book.

Thank you so much for thinking of me and all your advice. You have certainly helped me.

Zoe, UK


Your book is constantly on my coffee table and I often refer to it for support or recipes as does my husband.

I find it inspirational looking at your pictures and reading your success story.

Many thanks.

Kirsty, Brisbane, Australia


Hi Mary,

All going well thanks. At the hairdresser's yesterday and she commented on how many new hairs I had growing on my crown. Was delighted!

Jo, UK  


Thank you for the book it has given me a lot of information I had not previously found.

With kind regards

Carol , UK

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